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Kids Casting Now Seeking Kids For Disney's Winnie The Pooh!
Written by Alison Jeffries on Sep. 3rd 2018
Last week, I met my friend for coffee to lament over our little girls going back school.. 

Aside from discussing how our daughters’ school days are going and how we are adjusting to the new norm, the topic of returning to the workforce popped up! 

My friend then mentioned she had seen a site on Facebook for Kids Casting! 

I keep getting requests about where to sign up - (Btw, you can sign up for free here)

Naturally, I was very intrigued. I had always dreamed of becoming an actor as a child myself. We both proceeded to ponder over the site, using my small work laptop (Remind me to get a new one!) 

I immediately spotted a Casting Call for Disney's 'Winnie The Pooh'  
(Nice! Elsa's favourite..)

What surprised us both is the amount these companies are willing to payout for these jobs! 

Here we were, sitting in the coffee shop.. My blog barely scraping enough to afford my girls tuition! And these companies were paying out up to 300.00$ a day

It's not just acting opportunities too! Scrolling down, I can see hundreds of casting calls for modelling opportunities, photo shoots and more! 

So who are Kids Casting?
KidsCasting is a unique, 24/7 platform that focuses on providing latest casting calls for babies as young as 1 week old and minors as old as 17. They are a perfect place for parents who want to introduce their kids to modeling and acting as a hobby, or even as a future career.

Speaking to other moms, I've discovered, that I'm definitely not alone when it comes to signing up. It's actually insanely popular and I'm regretting that I only discovered it today, hence why I'm sharing it here!

So, If you've got a spare minute. I definitely recommend you sign up!

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About Author: 
Alison Jeffries 

Joined the mommyhood ranks in 2012 when I had my baby girl. Come join me on my journey as I navigate through preschool, discovering new foods, keeping fit and the ever evolving joy of being a stay at home mom..
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